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a pretty Valentine’s memento

Or, if you got really lucky and received roses for Valentine’s Day consider preserving them without chemicals and without expense.

cropped rose

Simply strip the leaves from the stalks and using string or even a rubber band, wrap the string around the flower stalk and then hang upside down in a cool, dark, dry, out of the way spot. Colorado has a dry climate and the roses dry within days. In a more humid climate, check them every few days.

The color will fade and the roses are brittle and must be handled with care but they are good for creating dried flower arrangements, bouquets, tussie-mussies, or wreathes. Or just lay a single one on a dressing table, dresser, or shelf. Or place one or two in a bud vase or container

cropped rosesThey can also be used, especially smaller ones and buds, in various craft projects.

To use in an arrangement, use just the roses, or add baby’s breath, German statice, heather, lavender, or other dried flowers or herbs, or add silk ferns or silk greens. Dried roses can last a long time if handled gently; a pretty reminder of a special someone or a special moment.