about working Class

 The mission of working Class is to offer affordable home staging & redesign services to members of the working classes, from waitresses to students , from teachers to retirees by offering comprehensive, step-by-step, personalized guidance through the process of home staging and/or redesign. And to provide a forum to share, challenge, inform, entertain, and have fun while exploring the world of design.

Class is entirely intangible, and the way it affects things isn’t subject to scientific analysis, and it’s not supposed to be real but it’s pervasive and powerful. See; just like magic.” Jo Walton

Class has nothing to do with money.” Ann Landers

 my philosophies and why working Class came to be:

on home staging:

-almost everyone in the process of selling their homes, no matter their economic status or the selling price of their house would benefit from home staging and should have easy access to affordable services

not all houses require the same degree of home staging services

not everyone can afford & not all houses require a high expenditure on staging fees

 on home, design, & decorating:

-everyone has the right to a “beautiful” home whether it’s a cottage, castle, apartment, house, rented room or palatial mansion

-everyone has the right to a “beautiful” home no matter their income & that low income homes may, by necessity, generate higher levels of creative thinking

-interior design/decorating, a traditionally high-end industry, should be more accessible & affordable to the working class

-not everyone defines “beautiful” in the same way

-home is an expression of who we are & what we love

-not everything has to be new…bright…shiny…stylish…chic…trendy…or perfect

-it is not the things in a home that make it beautiful

-design, like so many other things, is not a destination but a journey and there are countless paths & side roads to happily explore

-something is not quite right when children go hungry, people cannot afford medical care or even medicine, the numbers of homeless people increases, but someone owns a $30,000 dining room table or renovates the kitchen for $80,000. It isn’t always a matter of could but maybe a matter of should. In a consumer society where everything is disposable perhaps it’s time to rethink

it’s possible to create a “beautiful” home without spending a fortune and that you can immerse yourself in the fun & challenge of design and remain morally responsible

“I live in my house as I live inside my skin: I know more beautiful, more ample, more sturdy and more picturesque skins: but it would seem to me unnatural to exchange them for mine.” Primo Levi

About me:
My name is Cat and I probably do not conform to any pre-conceived idea of a stager/decorator:
-I am not twenty-something.
-I am not blonde.
-I do not wear a size four.
-I do not wear spiked heels.
-I do not have a husband…boyfriend…significant other…a small child or a new house.
-I do not live in New York or LA.
-I am not planning to lunch in Paris on Wednesday.
-I have been poor. I have been comfortable. I have been everything in between. I cannot fathom being rich.
-I am a newbie to staging & design but an oldie in everything else.
-I went through formal training as a stager and again as a decorator even though it wasn’t necessary.
-I don’t know everything there is to know about staging or design.
-I don’t know everything there is to know about anything. But I know a lot of really useless stuff that has  absolutely no practical value in the real world. Just ask me about the Titanic, or Henry the VIII, or silent films or….
-I have worked as a waitress, maid, librarian, writer, historian, copy artist, activities director, motel receptionist,   volunteer coordinator, corrections counselor, retail clerk, & Rehab therapist.
-I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
-I am a Cancer and therefore a nester. My nest is important to me but so is paying the rent & eating on a regular basis.

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