WOWYUMMY! Alison’s 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies

Two weeks ago my friend Alison brought me a plate of cookies to thank me for lending her movies from my DVD  collection. I’m not telling how many  cookies I ate… I’m also not telling that I licked all the crumbs from the plate.

misc 012

You will seldom see a recipe on this site because I don’t like to cook; I would rather spend my time, energy, and creativity on projects that don’t disappear 15 minutes after I finish them. I hate to cook but I love to eat. Alison’s recipe fits all my requirements for a good recipe: fast, easy, inexpensive, and yummy. (Healthy doesn’t usually enter the equation.)

Note: not only do I love these cookies but so does the cat; I can’t decide if he’s a really weird cat or these are just really good cookies.

Alison’s 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies: WOWYUMMY

blend: 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 egg in a mixing bowl

misc 2 001

roll dough into small balls about 1″ in diameter (larger cookies tend to crumble)

place 1″ balls on oiled cookie sheet and flatten slightly with fork tines

misc 2 002

bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes, carefully remove with spatula to plate or rack to cool, makes about 2 dozen small cookies (not counting the 4-5 eaten from the first tray while the rest are baking),

misc 2 003


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