wall art ideas for MUSIC LOVERS

If you are a music lover consider these options:

beethoven 2

1) hang musical instruments on the wall, an acoustic or electric guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, tambourine, saxophone, bugle, hand drums, maracas, (check the internet for possible safety concerns in hanging instruments or for wall-mounted stands)


2) frame album covers of favorite music,

3) a small bust of a favorite composer (they don’t have to be made of marble, or large, or expensive: I have a small inexpensive resin bust of Beethoven), place on wall shelf or place near wall art

4) mat and frame posters of concerts, performers, composers, or musicians,

beethoven manuscript5) mat and frame
photos or photocopies of musicians, performers, and/or concerts,

6) mat and frame photocopies (printed onto antique-looking paper) of original compositions, check on the internet, there are images of the original compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky…

7) mat and frame sheet music (available at music stores or check beethoven manuscript 3used-book stores and thrift stores for old music/piano books)

8) print an image directly onto sheet music, sizing the image so that it is surrounded/framed by the sheet music, then mat and frame

9) scatter musical notes and musical symbols on the wall, vary the size of the notes/symbols, cut-out from stiff paper, poster board, plywood, balsa wood, or foam board and paint/color or consider using washi tape to create the notesbeethoven script

10) display memorabilia, concert tickets, programs, autographs /signatures, concert photos, concert t-shirts, create a collage of memorabilia or display separately. beethoven stamp
(I just realized I have a scarf of the Beatles dating from about 1965 when I was a giggling 12-year old crushing on Paul McCartney. It’s packed away and rarely seen; framed, it would be a fun piece of wall art and a great conversation starter, especially among  my Old Lady peers.)

11) place wall art and related objects near a piano or other large musical instrument like a cello, base, or drum set


12) group wall art and related objects with a stereo or turn-table, vintage record player, gramophone, or phonograph, vintage transistor radio, antique radio,

13) create a
gallery or collage of images of favorite composers, instruments, vintage radios, gramophones, and record players, autographs of favorite musicians, performers, composers,

14) store, stack, or shelve CD’s, tapes, records, or 45’s nearby


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