Personalizing wall art

I have been posting for months about creating inexpensive wall art and the variety of sources available for designs—books, the internet, ephemera, artists and their work, specific sites, and specific books—when in fact the very best source for wall art, the most valuable resource…is you!

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional, the conventional, or what’s easy; think beyond “art” work and personal photographs and get creative. Wall art is not limited to images on paper or canvas. Don’t be afraid to be creative…to be “off the wall” on your walls. Whatever you do, it’s not set in stone. If you think of something, try it. If it doesn’t work take it down. No big deal. Try something else. Don’t get discouraged. Play with it, have fun. You may try lots of different ideas before you find one that really works, that you really love.

Wall art is more than décor; it is also a form of self-expression, and a means of communication. Interesting wall art can be a great conversation starter. It is also a way of surrounding yourself with what you love. The trick is to translate your personal interests into wall art for your home.  

Start by considering all the things you are interested in, the things that you love, the things that fascinate or thrill, the things that bring you joy and make you happy, the things you have passion for: all your hobbies, avocations, and interests. Write them down, keep a running list and keep adding to it as you think of more things. You probably have more interests and are a more interesting person than you ever realized.

Some possible areas of interest:

Cooking-Gardening-Nature-Animals & Insects-History-Literature-Music-Dance-Architecture-Film-Theater-T.V.-Technology-Sports-Events-Fashion-Travel-Cars-Trains-Planes-Ships-Lighthouses-Cities-Paris-London… you get the  idea…Think of interesting places you have been or places you would like to go. Things you have done or would like to do.

Next, make a mental inventory of all the things that you possess that are related to a specific interest: images, photos, books, ephemera, memorabilia, clothing, newspaper headlines, models, busts, dishes/cups/glasses, souvenirs, magazine covers, maps. 

Begin to create a nook, cranny, bookcase, table, corner, or wall of special interest. Place objects on shelves, bookcases, tabletops, dressers or other furniture, and team them with related wall art that reflect your special interest.

Next…wall art ideas for music lovers


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