Cute spice jars to make for young Moms on a tight budget

Here’s an easy project for young Moms on tight budgets. Create a set of spice jars using baby food jars and a little bit of fabric. The spices remain fresh in the jars and the jars have an opening large enough to slide in a measuring spoon. They’re more cute than chic but they’re functional and stackable and oh, so easy and inexpensive.

 various 014

baby food jars with lids
cotton fabric
cotton batting for quilting, (comes in a flat layer)
narrow silk ribbon
dimensional fabric paint (or adhesive labels)

 various 010

scissors or pinking shears
hot glue gun



1) trace around a jar lid on to paper and cut out
2) using scissors and the paper circle as a guide, cut out circles from a layer of cotton batting, batting circles should be the same size as the lid/paper circle
3) using pinking shears (or scissors) and the paper circle as a guide, cut out circles from the fabric, the fabric circles should be larger than the lid/paper circle by about 1 inch around each edge. The fabric circle should cover the top and sides of the lid and extend about 1 inch past the sides of the lid.
4) use a dab of hot glue to secure the cotton batting to the top of the lid
5) center the top of the lid over the wrong side of a fabric circle. Hot glue the fabric to a small area on the side of the lid. Stretch the fabric tightly across the lid from the original glued area and glue fabric in place. Then begin gluing the fabric to the sides of the lid working around the circle and keeping the fabric taut as you glue. There should be no fabric wrinkles across the top of the lid.
6) hot glue a band of narrow silk ribbon along the sides of the lid over the fabric. Keep the ribbon taut as you glue. If you want a bow use a length of ribbon long enough to tie the ends into a small bow.
7) using dimensional fabric paint, carefully print the name of the spice onto the glass jar. Allow paint to dry. (Do not wash in the dishwasher, or scrub directly over the fabric paint, gently sponge or wipe.)


various 007

The same concept can be used on larger jars to use as sugar bowls and/or dry food storage containers.


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