William Henry Margetson: a touch of Downton Abbey

If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you will probably enjoy William Henry Margetson’s work. I stumbled across him quite by accident; what caught my attention was images that I could have sworn were of Lady Mary…Edith…Lady Grantham.

a stitch in time by Margetson 










I could not find much information on the artist but ultimately it is the artist’s work that speaks for the artist more than any biographical information.

the sea shore by Margeston










A New Day by Margetson

This is the little bit I did find.  William Henry Margetson was an English painter and illustrator known for painting beautiful women wearing contemporary fashions. (This explains the whole Downton Abbey connection since he was painting during that era. It is also a tribute to the costume designers of Downton Abbey.)

Girl by a Lock by Margetson



Margetson painted in oils and watercolors and was married to another illustrator, Helen Hatton.






At the Cottage by Margetson

Margetson was born in 1860 and died in 1940 at the age of 79, long before the appearance of Lady Mary, Edith, and Lady Grantham.


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