the $12.50 Solution: a use what you have project

The problem: positioning a queen-sized bed in a small 10 x 12 bedroom that has two doors, two windows, one closet, and very little un-interrupted wall space.

The solution: positioning the bed directly before the unused second door; the floor space in front of it was dead space…unusable. The new arrangement worked well spatially, allowing pathways on both sides of the bed, did not block the windows, and left enough space for a small dresser, bookcase, and chair. It worked well functionally but frankly it didn’t look so great.

The second half of the solution: mounting a simple curtain rod at the top of the door frame and hanging two curtain sheers at the head of the bed, draping them along the sides of the bed in a quasi-canopy-mosquito net arrangement.

bedroom 2 006

This was a “use what you have” project. The only expense was the curtain rod for $2.50 and 2 sheer panels for $5.00 each, a total of $12.50.  I already had the bed skirt, throw pillow, blanket, and bed pillows. The quilt and sham previously on the bed I stored in the closet, aiming for a simpler, more serene white-on-white color scheme. White sheers were already at the windows.

bedroom 008

Most “normal” houses do not have a connecting door between two bedrooms but this idea can still be used to create an easy, inexpensive pseudo-headboard. It can also be used to enhance a headboard depending on the headboards size and shape. The wall at the head of the bed between the sheers can be hung either with wall art or a second rod and sheers enveloping the bed on three sides. The fabric does not have to be sheers, and the color does not have to be white. Other possibilities are light-weight cotton fabrics or sheets hemmed at the edges, white, colored, or ombre sheers or curtains, or even fabric shower curtains.



The room before I decided to paint the walls white. The cream colored walls gave a subtle contrast to and helped soften all the white.



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