Creating inexpensive wall art: ephemera in a nut shell

For several weeks I’ve been writing and posting about using ephemera as wall art; if you’ve skipped the previous posts because they were too lengthy here is the information in a nutshell.

Ephemera: items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

small wall art 015

Postcards-Vintage Postcards


Greeting cards-Vintage greeting cards

menu 2
 Menus and vintage menus

various 2 006Gift wrap-Gift bags-Gift boxes

various 2 002


paper doll 5

Paper dolls-vintage paper dolls

Other items that can be considered ephemera: trade cards, bookmarks, catalogues, letters, pamphlets, brochures, tickets, product labels, product ads, theater programs…

girl 3

Look for vintage postcards, greeting cards, menus, and paper dolls at yard sales, estate sales, used book stores, and thrift stores. Reproductions of vintage designs are also available, check in book stores and gift shops.

girl 2

Amazon has an amazing collection of paper dolls including designs for children and adults.

Go to Google images for some amazing online images including vintage postcards, greeting cards, menus, and paper dolls. Or search images for “ephemera” for some interesting options.

girl 1

The three little ladies above are from a birthday card my Grandmother Dot sent me nearly 50 years ago. Loved them then…love them now and they’re a cheerful reminder of a wonderful and well-loved lady. 

In a very small way, using ephemera as wall art is an exercise in recycling and re-purposing, using designs and items that would otherwise end up in the trash.


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