Downsizing: hardcopy junkies solution # 2

The second option for hardcopy junkies is similar to binders:notebooks 032 hard-cover spiral notebooks, which are a bit more expensive and harder to find but are great for stray items that don’t warrant an entire binder. I have four notebooks and they have become some of my favorite possessions.

The notbooks are crammed with things that intrigue and fascinate, entertain and inform: everything from National Geographic images 

notebooks 034

a place to display those wonderful National Geographic images we all love

to humorous cartoons and anecdotes to favorite poems, quotes, and lyrics. While I’ve managed to group some similar items together most of the information is more or less jumbled together. notebooks 036There are no indexes or table of contents but it’s partly what gives the books their charm: the incongruous juxtaposition of the Forbidden City beside quantum physics, followed by Tsar Nicholas II, partnered by Mozart, overseen by Napoleon, chased by dinosaurs, lions, and snow leopards, bookended by Mt. Everest, interspersed with poetry, riddled with humor, sprinkled with images…

notebooks 041


notebooks 047




In some ways the spiral notebooks have become something of a time capsule, a collection of material that now spans 4 decades. Among the diverse information are reminders of a world that once was:

film reviews of movies that premiered nearly 40 years ago and have since become classics, notebooks 046

reviews of classic books when they were first published, forty years of movies, T.V., Broadway, art, music, composers, and bands, dancers, artists, and writers, styles and fashions, and clips honoring the passing of some legendary folk: 

notebooks 053

Mary Pickford   Anne Bancroft    William Powell   Gloria Swanson    Jack Haley Mae West   Merle Oberon   Ayn Rand   Mary Coyle Chase    Henry Miller   Vera Ellen  John Bonham    William Holden  Natalie Wood   Alfred Hitchcock    William Wyler   George Jessel    Bill Haley   Matthew (Stymie) Beard   Edith Head   John Belushi    Stanley Holloway  Michael Wilding  Jack Albertson  Darryl Zanuck  Joy Adamson  Joan Blondell     Lowell Thomas    John Lennon    Jesse Owens     Peter Sellers  Steve McQueen   Jean-Paul Sartre   Jimmy Durante   Grace Kelly   Ingrid Bergman

notebooks 049

I can’t open a notebook to retrieve information without getting caught up by the contents within; the notebooks have turned out to be a sure cure against boredom. If there’s ever a fire the first things to be rescued will be the cat, the family photos, and my spiral notebooks.

notebooks 042

Binders and notebooks may not be the solution for all info junkies but they work well for me. They are a very personalized collection of what I find most interesting, intriguing, and aesthetically pleasing, what touches my heart and what tickles my funny bone. They are space-savers that take up space but not nearly as much space as stacks of magazines, shelves of books, and multiple file cabinets. 


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