Parrish blue: the world of Maxfield Parrish

Maxfield Parrish-(1870-1966)

At the beginning of the twentieth century a survey by a group of art print publishers, revealed that the top three favorite artists were Cezanne, van Gogh, and Maxfield Parrish.

daybreak maxfield parrish 1922

Parrish was the most successful  American illustrator and artist of the early 20th century; in 1925, one out of every four households in the U.S. displayed a copy of one of his works. His work Daybreak (shown above) became the most successful art print of the 20th century.


maxfield parrish

Because of his development of a technique that gave it amazing intensity and his frequent use of it in many of his landscapes, cobalt blue also became known as Parrish blue.  

the garden of allah maxfield parrish

maxfield parrish ny library 1901vintage print from ny library . 15png

I don’t usually enjoy being part of a herd but in the case of Maxfield Parrish (and Harry Potter) I’ll make an exception. The reason they are so popular and so many people like them, is because they’re just so good. Parrish’s book and magazine illustrations just tickle my fancy. Absolutely charming!

the reluctant dragon maxfield parrish
the Reluctant Dragon by Untitled

for more information about Maxfield Parrish go to artsenclave


One response to “Parrish blue: the world of Maxfield Parrish

  1. I am an artist as well ..however each artist brings something of his or her soul..Maxfield Parrish Touches ..something devine ..something in our memory about GOD


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