How are things in Glouca Mora? Finian’s Rainbow

So my other Irish film isn’t really Irish either. Hmm! Finian’s Rainbow was Fred Astaire’s last full-length musical and while it’s a bit long, it has some charming moments, great music, and shamrock musical notes 2interesting characters.






Don Francks plays the love interest wonderfully, and Tommy Steele, is a goofy, dancing, singing, crazy-in-love, full-sized leprechaun. Petula Clarke, a British pop singer in the 60’s, has an amazing voice and gives a truly charming performance as Finian’s daughter, Sharon.

The story is an odd mixture of romance, racism, humor, and whimsy. And the director? A very young and inexperienced Frances Ford Coppola. It’s not the best musical ever made or the best film Coppola ever made, but certainly the music is wonderful and the film is fun, entertaining and a good pick for St. Patrick’s Day. How are things in Glouca Mora? 1968, rated G, 141 minutes.


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