Film pick for St. Patty’s Day: Far and Away

Okay, so it’s not really an Irish film and it doesn’t use Irish actors in the leads, and it didn’t win an Oscar; or even receive a nomination. People seem to either love it or hate it and it doesn’t have a particularly high rating. Ignore all of that, the film is still fun and entertaining and at least some of it was filmed in Ireland, which should count for something.

It’s a romance-adventure that begins in Ireland and then immigrates to Boston and the Old West. It has humor, romance, great cinematography, and an exciting, unusual action sequence involving 800 extras, 400 horses, and 200 wagons. And it looks like a pretty authentic and lively portrayal of the 1893 Great Land Run in the Oklahoma Territory. (shown below)

land run of 1893Nichole Kidman and Tom Cruise play the leads and while some thought the pair had no chemistry together, others thought they sizzled, perhaps because Nichole and Tom actually had an off-camera romance going at the time. The film was directed by Ron Howard, who not coincidentally, had three great-grandparents ride in the Great Land Run. The film is fun, entertaining and if not authentically Irish, has a nice Irish flavor and lovely Irish scenery.

1992, rated PG-13, 140 minutes.


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