Aubrey Beardsley: decadent youth

beardsley 2

(1872-1898) An English illustrator and artist famous for black-ink drawings against a white background, Beardsley’s work is associated with both the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements. 

beardsleyBeardsley began his art career in 1892 and was influenced by Japanese wood-cuts and the poster work of Toulouse Lautrec.

the peacock skirt









The most controversial artist of the era, erotica dominated Beardsley’s later work. Amazingly  his work was produced in a  few short years; he died of tuberculosis in 1898 at the age of 25.


The work of Beardsley has enjoyed several revivals and has influenced many contemporary artists; many of his designs have been rendered into tattoos. Somehow, I suspect he would be pleased. Reproductions of his art can be found in books, on-line, and on calendars, postcards, posters, fine art prints…and body parts. 

venus between terminal gods


the toilet


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