inexpensive wall art: not so obvious sources 2

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can make terrific wall art, especially for the holidays. Depending on the design, you can use the entire card as shown below or just a portion of it as shown in the second photo.


Above is a card glued to an inexpensive pre-cut pine-wood circle painted white with a tiny screw inserted at the top and a ribbon for hanging. I actually bought the card not to send but because I loved the image so much. I’m relatively certain the card design is by Mary Engelbreit.

cropped sled

The cute little guy on this sled was carefully cut out from a Christmas card (just look at his tail), glued to the wood sled, candy-cane stickers glued to each side, a peppermint candy sticker placed beneath his feet for him to dance upon, and red ribbon wrapped around the sled dowel to emulate a candy cane. Since I use a lot of candy canes, and candy-cane and peppermint-candy designs at Christmas, the sled works perfectly. And the cute little guy, who would have otherwise ended up in a trash bin, brings Christmas cheer every year.  


Greeting cards can have wonderful, fresh designs and are a great source for creating wall art and not just for the holidays. Consider how many holidays and different types of cards there are: Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, birthday, get well… and just think about all the lovely floral designs and wonderful children’s designs that are available.

various 004 cropped

And don’t forget vintage greeting cards, especially if you love Victorian and Americana designs. Look for them in yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, and on-line. Or check them out on Google images.


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