downsizing book collections: 6

As the discarded piles of books began to grow I realized the books had to have somewhere to go; they all needed homes…just not mine. These were not leather-bound first editions; mostly they were inexpensive paperbacks and hardbound book-club editions.

Decide before you start downsizing, what to do with your discarded books: sell, share, trade, or donate.

_Share with family and friends, offer a volume they might appreciate. Maybe they have the space and will value a book that’s been sitting gathering dust. 

_Selling is an option but don’t expect much money back. I tried some nice cross-stitch volumes on Craig’s List without a single response. Also consider Amazon or e-bay.

_Have a yard sale or consider a selling booth especially if you have been downsizing other possessions.

_Trading to a used book shop is an option but if you’re trying to downsize a book collection, it might not be the most effective choice. Or you might be able to trade unwanted volumes for volumes you really love and don’t have.

_Many agencies will take book donations. I donated mine to my local library for their annual book sale. Or consider Goodwill, the DAV, or the Salvation Army (call to be sure they accept.) Or be creative: a women’s shelter, homeless shelter, children’s home, or city or county jail; but call first, they may not be able to use them or have space for them. Understood!

Before actually discarding your books consider removing or blacking out any labels, book plates, inscriptions, or  written information that  includes your name or address. 


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