Charles Dana Gibson and the Gibson Girl

gibson girl 2

Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944) was an American graphic artist, painter, and one-time editor and owner of Life magazine. Gibson is most famous for his pen and ink drawings of the Gibson Girl, an gibson girlidealized image of the modern American girl: independent, vibrant sophisticated, educated, athletic, stylish, feminine, and beautiful.



The iconic Gibson Girl became a model of fashion and beauty and was popular from the 1890’s to the Flapper era of the 1920’s. The inspiration for the Gibson Girl was said to be Gibson’s sister Josephine, or his wife, Irene, and her four sisters.


There gibson girl 3was unprecedented merchandising of the Gibson Girl and Gibson’s images appeared on albums, china, linens, spoons, wallpaper, screens, and fans.




Among the  women who served as models for the Gibson Girl, was Evelyn Nesbit, who would go on to scandal and notoriety as “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing”.  evelyn nesbit










gibson girls










charles dana gibson









charles dana gibson the crush








For more information about Charles Dana Gibson and the Gibson Girl click here

For more information about Evelyn Nesbit and the scandalous “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing” murder story click here.


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