Alphonse Mucha

mucha 2

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech artist best remembered for the distinctive style that has become closely associated with Art Nouveau. Many of his designs feature beautiful women, lush flowers/foliage, and fluid, flowing movement. 

mucha 7

In 1896 the great French actress, Sarah Bernhardt, “the divine Sarah” commissioned the unknown Mucha, to produce stage sets, costume designs and a series of posters portraying Bernhardt in various theatrical roles. His work revolutionized poster design and the Bernhardt posters helped to make him famous.

bernhardt mucha 2   bernhardt mucha

bernhardt mucha 3

mucha 4  mucha 6

mucha photo

The work of Mucha enjoyed a revival in the 60’s and is available on posters, calendars, post cards, and fine art prints. 

mucha 3

For more information about Mucha and his work go to the mucha foundation


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