downsizing book collections: 2

I began downsizing my books by sorting through the fiction and was appalled and embarrassed when I realized that I hadn’t read over a third of the books. For years I had lugged them around from place to place without ever reading them. And, I kept adding to the collection. Oh my aching back; oh my fractured pocketbook! What was I thinking?

It happened because I bought books on impulse, shelved them, and then forgot about them. When books go into a large collection with lots of other books they tend to disappear, becoming just a part of cattle herdthe larger “herd”. I also found duplicate titles; I had so many books I’d forget what I already had and inadvertently buy a second copy. Round ‘em up, move ‘em out!

Avoid buying on impulse or, if you must buy, read before you shelve. The same applies to gifts of books, read before shelving.


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