from chocolate box to gift box: transforming Valentine candy boxes

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If you were lucky enough to receive a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, consider transforming the empty box into a gift box, trinket box, or Valentine’s Day decoration.


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Ideas for use:

Cut out white batting to fit the inside of the box and place a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a ring inside and use as a gift box for next Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion.

Use as a trinket box on top of a dresser or dressing table to hold earrings, bracelets, or chains.

 Use as Valentine decorations, as the recently featured paper fans were used, scattered around the house in unexpected places. You can even team them up with the Valentine fans.

Consider transforming the candy box using Christmas fabric and use as a gift box(s) under the tree or as Christmas decorations…especially if you use hearts as a motif at Christmas time. Or fill with home-made candies and use again as a candy box. Home-made candy in a heart-shaped box would make a fun gift.

Use your imagination, be creative, and have fun with this inexpensive and easy craft project.

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Heart-shaped candy box
White batting
Fabric (inexpensive cotton works well)
Eyelet trim or lace
Scissors & small scissors for trimming
Hot glue gun
Embellishments-(optional) silk ribbon, small bows made of ribbon, crafting pearls, miniature silk roses or flowers, dimensional fabric paint to paint an initial or name across the top of the box,
1)  cut out a heart shape from the batting, the same size as the lid of the box
2)  cut out a heart shape from the fabric, larger than the lid of the box by ½ -1 inch all the way around the edges
3) glue batting to top of lid
4) place fabric heart over batting so there is ½ – 1 inch of fabric extending beyond the edges of the lid, cut a slit at the top of the heart where the two halves meet and at the bottom of the heart at the point. Cut the slits to the edge of the lid.
5) starting with one long side of the heart, glue fabric to the 1) underside of the top of the lid  and 2) side of the box where it joins with the lid. Work in short segments of 1-2 inches. Glue fabric around the entire heart, stretching the fabric and keeping it taut as you glue.
6) the bottom of the heart at the point will have a small amount of excess fabric, trim excess before gluing. Fabric should be stretched tightly across top of lid. Trim excess fabric from sides of lid with small scissors.
7) glue eyelet trim or lace to top edge of sides all around the box. To finish overlap eyelet or lace by 1 inch, and fold raw end underneath before gluing.
8)  leave plain or embellish 
Be aware if the candy box is made of plastic,  the hot glue can actually melt the plastic especially if you touch it with the tip of the glue gun. It is doable, just be cautious. Once the fabric is glued to the box it is permanently glued, as though the plastic and fabric have fused.



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