Mardi Gras in Manitou….on Valentine’s Day

Small town Manitou loves to dress up, party, and parade, almost any excuse will do, but this year Valentine’s Day landed on the same date as Manitou’s  Mardi Gras celebration.  Two celebrations on the same day! Our Carnivale may not be as fancy or elaborate as the New Orleans Mardi Gras, but it’s lively and funky and a whole lot of fun. Take a peek at what was happening on Manitou Avenue on Valentine-Mardi Gras Day.

mardi gras 039

Balloons in red, white, and pink for Valentines and traditional purple, gold, and green for Mardi Gras.

mardi gras 051     Keep Manitou Weird! The local resident’s political manifesto can be found on signs and t-shirts all around town.

crop 16crop 8       Fran Sakanai & Jeremy Hoffman                              Fun Costumes

mardi gras crop 1crop 17

crop 11             crop 9

                                                                               drummers drumming,crop13


mardi gras 073

skaters skating,

crop 12families dancing,

cropped 20

crop 6

fluffy tails, 

furry leggings,

crop 19

wagging tails, 

mardi gras 030

 crop 14 scary friends, and laughing babies!

mardi gras 018


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