Best Romantic Films: The Notebook

heart wreathe  3The Notebook, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, tells the stories of a young couple courting in the South in 1940 and an older couple in the present, living in a nursing home. I won’t say more for fear of giving away the plot except to say you may want to do the handy-hankie thing. Even though the film was made eleven years ago and has mixed reviews, it seems to be gaining in popularity and is becoming a must-see film for all the romantics of the world.

After seeing Ryan Gosling’s performance as Noah (cute doesn’t cut it, try…hot damn) I became a definite fan. Yow! Sign me up. I have no idea who Ryan Gosling is but his portrayal of the character, Noah Calhoun, is the most attractive male persona I’ve seen on the screen in years. And James Garner is wonderful! Good cast, good performances, good story, good movie. “The romantics would call this a love story, the cynics would call it a tragedy. In my mind it’s a little bit of both”, Noah Calhoun from the novel.

The film is directed by Nick Cassavates and if the name sounds familiar it’s probably because he is the son of actor/director John Cassavetes who directed Rosemary’s Baby and the Dirty Dozen. And did I mention Nick’s mother is Gena Rowlands, who plays Allie Calhoun in the film. Talent obviously runs in the family.

Rated PG 13, 123 minutes, 2004

James Garner                         Duke
Gena Rowlands                      Allie Calhoun, mother of director
Ryan Gosling                           Noah Calhoun
Rachel McAdams                   Allie Hamilton
Sam Shepard                           Frank Calhoun
Joan Allen                                Anne Hamilton

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  1. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion, I’ll definitely check it out! Cat


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