Fairy-tale Romance: Pretty Woman

cinderella 2

It’s the classic Cinderella story…with a contemporary twist.
Cinderella morphs into Vivian, a warm-hearted…gum-chewing…hooker…who keeps her boot zipper up with a safety-pin. The Prince, aka Edward, is a rich… sophisticated…business exec…with limited emotional range. There’s even an enchanted pumpkin-coach in the shape of an elegant private jet. The only things missing are the glass slippers (substitute shoes by Louis Vuitton) and a fairy godmother waving her magic wand (swap for Edward waving his magic…credit cards). And forget the palace, this Cinderella transforms on Rodeo Drive.

It’s a fairy tale from start to finish and loads of fun with plenty of humor and lots of (sigh) romance. Who can forget the image of the transformed Cinderella (sans safety pin) walking down the street to the tune of Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman? Mercy!

Or their interaction when Edward sees the transformed Vivian for the first time and doesn’t recognize her:

Vivian: “You’re late!”
Edward: “You’re stunning!”
Vivian: “You’re forgiven!”


Julia Roberts won the Golden Globe award for best actress and was nominated for an Oscar. The film received three other Golden Globe nominations: for best picture (musical or comedy), best actor, Richard Gere, and best supporting actor, Hector Elizando.

1990, 119 minutes, rated R. Hard to believe the movie is 25 years old this year, it’s holding up well.

Directed by Garry Marshall
Richard Gere                         Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts                         Vivian Ward
Ralph Bellamy                       James Morse
Jason Alexander                   Philip Stuckey
Laura San Giacomo             Kit De Luca
Alex Hyde-White                  David Morse
Elinor Donahue                     Bridget (aka Betty in Father Knows Best)
Hector Elizando                    Barney Thompson


For further info on the movie visit imdb  


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