Pretty paper fans for Valentine’s Day

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Pretty paper fans to send messages, to decorate, or to embellish a package, box of candy or flowers, or use on or as a Valentine’s card. 

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Write a personalized, sentimental, or funny message, a line of poetry or a lyric.

The night before Valentine’s Day place fans with messages around the house to surprise the family during their morning wake-up various 005routine, tape to a bathroom or dresser mirror, prop beside the alarm clock, stash in an underwear drawer, prop in a shoe, prop next to someone’s coffee cup on the kitchen counter or juice glass at the table…


Add a touch of Valentine color to your home by scattering various 006fans around the house in unexpected places, beside the tea pot, nestled in a plant, propped on a bookcase, kitchen shelf, table, or a stack of books, hanging on bulletin boards, message or jewelry boards.


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Create a centerpiece by filling a basket with fans, or prop one in a basket of silk or dried flowers

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Use them at place settings as name cards at a tea, lunch, or dinner.

Write a message on to the fan and tuck it into a child’s school lunch or backpack,

    Any stiff paper, (I used crafting paper with Valentine designs)
    Glue stick (white glue is wet and will wrinkle the paper)
    -Pen or fine-tip marker
    -Needle and thread, floss, or fine cord for hanging
     Leave plain or embellish with:
    -1 inch wide lace or small paper doilies, (cut into the doily and then 1               inch around the outside edge creating a strip
   -Narrow silk ribbon
     -Small silk ribbon roses or small silk flowers
     -Strand of small crafting pearls
     -stickers or decals
1) cut a strip of paper 12 inches long x 4 inches wide 
2) write a message (optional–markers will bleed through the paper so use marker on the front of fan, regular ink pen if you want the message on the back)
3) add stickers or decals to front of paper strip (optional)
4) pleat paper strip into ½ inch folds like an accordion
5) glue lace or paper doily strip along the back of a long edge of the paper strip, if using real lace use a glue gun (sparingly), if using paper doily use a glue stick
6) using a glue stick, place glue along both sides of the bottom of the fan, press the pleats together, wrap with ribbon and glue
7) use a needle to attach thread or cord to top of fan (optional)
8) embellish with small silk roses, ribbon, ribbon bows (optional)

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