Global Belly Laugh Day

Bet you didn’t know today is Global Belly Laugh Day. What a great idea! Click here for more information about the benefits of laughter and Global Belly Laugh Day. 

Need help to laugh-out-loud:

Watch your favorite comedy on DVD. Don’t have a favorite? Try The Gods Must be Crazy I or II. (available to watch on-line). I actually think 2 might be funnier. Sweet, un-pretentious films that became something of a world phenomena when they were  released in the 1980’s.  

Don’t have a computer or T.V.? Read any of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovitch. A bit raunchy and the only books that make me laugh out loud.  Try your local library. Warning: these books (all 21 of them) are highly addictive. 

Enjoy Global Belly Laugh Day!


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