The Clutter Quiz

26 indications that you might have

                   too much stuff 

You know you have too much stuff when:

1) you can’t see what kind of material the kitchen countertop is made of 

2) the top of your table (dresser, nightstand) never needs dusting

3) you can’t see the color of the walls because of the amount of art work hanging on  them

4) you have to climb over some…thing to get some…where

5) burglars have to come back for a second trip

6) your shins are chronically black and blue and you’ve broken your big toe twice

7) you lost the cat…for three days…and he’s a housecat

8) your 9-year old refuses to take off her bicycle helmet, your 14-year old wears his shin guards in the house, and your husband comes to the dinner table every night wearing a hard hat  

9) the amount of stuff you find under the couch cushions fills a five-gallon trash bag

10) you suffered a concussion after opening an upper cupboard door

11) the avalanche that occurs when you open a closet door, lasts longer than 30 seconds

12) the stack of newspapers or magazines in the corner is taller than you are

13) you have enough ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center

14) you have enough chains, necklaces, and bracelets, that if placed end to end, would circle the earth…3 times

15) you have enough craft supplies to open a Hobby Lobby, enough material to open a  fabric store, enough tools to open a hardware store

16) you have enough dishes to feed the army’s 3rd infantry division

17) you have enough bubble bath to float a battleship

18) you have enough books that the library calls you and wants to borrow a book

19) you have so many house plants that you thought you glimpsed Cheetah thru the foliage yesterday

20) an acquaintance walks into your living room, picks up a vase and turns it over looking for the price tag

21) you have enough nail polish to paint the Brooklyn Bridge

22) you have enough clothes to dress the populace of a third world country

23) your friends prefer to sit outside on the patio, porch, or deck despite the rain….sleet…snow

24) everyone walks like a Geisha when navigating to the living room couch

25) Aunt Ellen got lost on her way to the bathroom and wasn’t found for 12 hours 

26) the dog packed up his food dish and moved next door  

If you have experienced  even one of the indications you may want to consider downsizing and de-cluttering.


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