World’s Most Savvy Color Consultant

It snowed Sunday night and after a bitterly cold day yesterday, the sun briefly came out to play this morning. I am not a professional photographer (obviously) and while I like my camera, it’s nothing fancy, but these photos might give you an idea of why we choose to live where we do even though the rent is high and the wages are low.

manitou winter scenes 009 cropped

manitou winter scenes 013 cropped

manitou winter scenes 019 cropped


manitou winter scenes 021Don’t you just love the color scheme?

manitou winter scenes 026The photos are a reminder to enjoy the beauty outside your own front door.

manitou winter scenes 027  

manitou winter scenes 045 cropped

…..showers of powdered sugar…..and fairy dust….

manitou winter scenes 041


manitou winter scenes 012 croppedphotos taken of and from downtown Manitou Springs January 13, 2015

So have you figured out the world’s most savvy color consultant…designer…stylist? And her consultations are free!

Hoping the view from your front door is as lovely as ours!



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