newest category: creating inexpensive wall art

For folks scrambling to pay the mortgage, keep food on the table, or send their kids through college, original art is not usually a priority and not realistically an option. The purpose of this category is to explore inexpensive ways to create/acquire wall art, to feature various artists and art styles you might not be familiar with, and to offer ideas for wall art that perhaps you might not have considered.

 Wall art today is pretty informal and can be displayed in numerous ways, from traditional mats and frames, to clip boards, to propping instead of hanging, to taping directly onto the wall using brightly colored tape, to displaying on furniture, shelves, and bookcases. I prefer traditional mats and frames but I like propping wall art, it has a more relaxed, informal feel and is a refund/life-saver in rentals.  

 Precut mats and inexpensive frames are available at discount department stores and large crafting/décor stores. I have even bought small mats and frames at the local dollar store. Other options for frames (which can be expensive) are thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and Craig’s List. I often buy an item for its frame, not the art work inside of it.

Next up….the most obvious source…


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