loving Daffy: neutralizing and depersonalizing

In your own home you don’t have to conform to anyone’s idea of what is stylish and tasteful. So, if you want an eight-foot image of Daffy Duck painted on your living room wall because you love Daffy Duck, you’re allowed.  But the moment you decide to sell your home it stops being a home and becomes a house, a product for sell in a highly competitive market. And the chance of finding a buyer who loves your eight-foot, hand-painted Daffy Duck is pretty slim.

No big deal, the new owner can paint over Daffy. The problem is that most buyers are looking for a house that is move-in ready. They don’t want to paint over Daffy. They would rather buy the house two blocks away that is similar to yours with a comparable price tag but doesn’t have an eight-foot Daffy Duck in the living room. Home nuetralizing daffystaging de-personalizes and neutralizes the house so it will appeal to a larger number of potential buyers than just the one-in-a-gazillion buyer who would embrace having an 8-foot Daffy in their living room.                                                                                   Using Daffy is a bit over the top but the principle is sound. Substitute Daffy for a purple accent wall in the living room, black walls in the kitchen, or vintage Victorian wallpaper throughout the house and you have the idea.

 90% of potential buyers have difficulty visualizing what their furnishings will look like in a new house. It becomes even harder when the seller’s personal style overwhelms the basic attributes of the house.  Sometimes by holding firm to their preferred style, sellers limit their chances of selling their house quickly or at its full value.

 For a general overview of home staging click here.


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