Numero Uno: A Christmas Carol (1984)

If you only watch one version of A Christmas Carol this holiday season this would be the one. Amazingly the 1984 version, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, was a made-for-TV movie, although it was released in theaters in the United Kingdom. Beautifully done, the film is well-balanced, captures the feel of a Victorian Christmas and remains fairly true to Dickens original ghost of christmas future 2story. The cast performances are more realistic than in many of the other versions making the characters more believable and less like the almost caricature-like performances sometimes seen in other films. An impressive cast in an impressive production! George C. Scott was nominated for an Emmy for his performance and how nice to see David Warner playing the good guy for a change. His portrayal of Bob Cratchit displays dignity, compassion, and humanity and less of the timidity, cringing, or cowering depicted by many of his predecessors. And Edward Woodward is a real treat as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Numero uno? This production has my vote.  

Not rated/ 100 minutes.

George C. Scott             Ebenezer Scrooge
Frank Finaly                  Marley’s Ghost
Angela Pleasence         Ghost of Christmas Past
Edward Woodward   Ghost of Christmas Present 
Michael Carter             Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
 David Warner              Bob Cratchit
Susannah York            Mrs. Cratchit
Anthony Walters         Tiny Tim

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