Miniature Kitchen Christmas Tree

kitchen tree 006

This tree is the grandmother of the teacup trees featured in Sunday’s post; it is the oldest and the largest at about 18 inches,  It is an easy, simple, and inexpensive craft project, even easier than the teacup trees. It’s a fun way to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the kitchen and can be used on countertops, shelve, tables, baker racks, and microwave stands. This kitchen tree is especially fun because of the materials used to trim it.

 The base was originally covered in rough burlap; cut out a circle of Christmas fabric, gather it around the burlap, and tie a red satin ribbon at the top to keep it in place. Then it is just a matter of adding the trim using a hot glue gun. 

 Tree trim: (miniatures or very small)
shiny red beads (as Christmas bulbs)
gold bells
red wooden-bead garland
wooden hearts painted red
peppermint candy balls
white daisies
wooden ladybugs
red holly berries (artificial)
red gift packages
baby pinecones
candy canes (artificial)
cinnamon sticks (broken into 2 inch lengths)
a red wicker basket
larger wooden hearts top off the tree
But most fun of all…the wooden kitchen miniatures I bought at an outdoor flea market:

kitchen tree 2

a kitchen mop
old-fashioned butter churns
rolling pins
buckets with copper handles
a small bucket with a lid
old-fashioned milk bottles painted white



And lastly, a “thinking outside the box” moment as I was cutting apart a strand of red mardi gras beads to use as dangling ornaments. The beads were long, thin, six-sided, and were next to a small kitchen tree 010round bead on the strand. Instead of using them as dangling ornaments, the original intent, I glued a long bead upright at the end of a branch with the small round bead still attached. Voila, Christmas candles with a candle flame over each one.


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