A Christmas Carol gone awry: Scrooged

Released in 1988, this film is a comedy, parody, and clever adaption of the original story. I especially enjoy the performances of Carol Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Bob Goldthwait as Eliot, scroogeda loose interpretation of the Bob Cratchit character. Special appearances by Lee Majors, Mary Lou Retton, Jamile Farr, Robert Goulet, John Houseman, Buddy Hackett, and Pat McCormick. Oh, and for movie trivia fans, the actress playing Mrs. Santa at the beginning of the film is the mother of actor/director Ron Howard, Jean Speegle Howard.

Rated PG-13, 101 minutes.

Bill Murray                      Frank Cross
Karen Allen                     Claire
John Forsythe               Lew Hayward
Bob Goldthwait            Eliot Loudermilk
Carol Kane                     Ghost of Christmas Present
Robert Mitchum           Preston Rhinelander
Michael J Pollard         Herman
Mabel King                     Gramma

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