Christmas Tree…in a teacup

christmas 010

 Christmas craft idea: Christmas tree in a teacup—easy and inexpensive

 I particularly like this Christmas decoration because it is small and mobile and can be placed on dresser tops, shelves, table tops, counter tops, nightstands, etc… It adds a touch of Christmas cheer, and is easily stored. It can be used in most decors, and works nicely in kitchens, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices, just about anywhere. It also makes a fun gift.

Materials:christmas 013
Tea cup with saucer (bought at a yard sale for cheap, check thrift stores too)
Florist foam
Miniature tabletop tree 8-12 inches high (bought at thrift store)
Dried Spanish moss
Hot glue gun
 Materials for trim-
—beads (I use mardi gras strands bought at the local dollar store)
—miniature pearl strands (can be found in the sewing department of
     department or craft stores)
—narrow satin ribbon to use as garlands and/or small bows
—miniature bells (craft department or craft stores, come in packages        of 9-12 for under $2.00)
—miniature silk flowers (or cut off individual blossoms of a larger     flower)
—other materials I have used in the past: artificial berries, rose hips, dried herbs & flowers such as yarrow, sprigs of lavender or mint, baby pinecones, miniature gift packages…Half the fun of this project is finding things to put on the tree, use your imagination.


 1) cut floral foam to fit into tea cup, glue into place and push tree base into foam, glue as needed
2) cover top of florist foam with small amount of dried Spanish moss to hide foam, trim moss as needed
3) trim tree, using hot glue gun (carefully) attach materials to tree. Use single beads as “Christmas bulbs”, strands of pearls or miniature beads as garlands, bells on the end of branches, and a bow, bead, or miniature star at the top. (Depending on the size of the branches I either tie the bells on with ribbon or just firmly push the bell on to the end of the branch.) The trees make a nice jingling sound when moved.

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