Trimming the Christmas….reindeer

christmas 004

 Pinecone Reindeer: easy, simple, fast, and inexpensive

-a large pinecone for the body, and a smaller pinecone for the head
-twigs for antlers
-4 long cinnamon sticks for the legs and 1 shorter stick for the neck
-material for trim
-hot glue gun

 1) Insert the end of each long stick between the scales of the cone and glue securely. Legs should not be straight up and down but placed at an angle. When adding the fourth leg, check that the cone is balanced and able to stand. If the legs are placed too far apart at the far ends, the legs may not support the cone. The cone should be horizontal to the ground.

2) glue one end of the short cinnamon stick to the smaller cone and the other end to the tapered end of the large cone.

3) glue the twigs to the topside of the smaller cone for antlers

4) glue a single bead to each end of the legs as the hooves (optional)

5) glue a single bead at the tapered end of the small cone for the nose

6) trim as desired -I kept it simple and only used mardis gras beads (available at our local dollar store), and narrow satin ribbon tied into small bows, other materials that would work: miniature…silk flowers, ivy leaves, bells, Christmas bulbs, or wreath for around the neck, and red or white Christmas berries (artificial)

 This is a simple and easy craft and appropriate for younger kids only if an adult actually uses the glue gun or for older kids if they are super-careful. (The concern is the glue gun: the tip is really hot and will give a really painful burn if the tip is accidentally touched or if hot glue gets onto the skin it remains on the skin and continues to burn. I have the burn scars to prove it. So whoever handles the glue gun, be careful.)

christmas 005THE END


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