Christmas classic movies: A Christmas Carol (1938)

The 1938 version of A Christmas Carol is black and white and rather outdated but still a favorite. Made as a family film, this version leaves out some of the darker aspects of the original story.wreath 2 I do have to wonder though, given how super-hyper and uber-giggly the Cratchits are, exactly what was in their Christmas punch? 69 minutes.



Reginald Owens          Scrooge                            

Gene Lochart                Bob Cratchit

Kathleen Lochart      Mrs. Cratchit

Terry Kilburn             Tiny Tim

Leo G. Carroll             Marley’s Ghost (also known for Hitchcock’s North                                                                by Northwest and the Man from U.N.C.L.E. series)

Anne Rutherford        Spirit of Christmas Past (aka Careen O’Hara in                                                                      Gone with  the Wind)

June Lochart                 Belinda Cratchit-uncredited (daughter of Gene and                                                             Kathleen  Lochart who played Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit,                                                         June went on to play Timmy’s mother in the 1950’s-60’s                                                   Lassie TV series and the mother in the Lost in Space series


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