Gremlins: death by kitchen appliances!

This film is a bit schizophrenic with elements of horror, comedy,
bowl with claws 2and Christmas, all blended per kitchen mixer into a strange little tale. Gizmo the mogwai, is just…too cute and his malevolent first cousins, the gremlins, are just…not. It’s A Wonderful Life meets Halloween!  

Favorite scene: gremlins watching Snow White in the movie theater

Rated PG/106 minutes (note: at the time the movie was released, PG-13 was not yet a category but following the releases of Gremlins & Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, PG-13 was added as a middle-ground between PG and R. If the film were released today it would be rated PG-13, may not be appropriate for younger family members.)

Zach Galligan                        Billy Peltzer
Phoebe Cates                        Kate Beringer
Hoyt Axton                            Randall Peltzer
Polly Holiday                        Ruby Deagle
Judge Reinhold                   Gerald Hopkins
Corey Feldman                    Pete Fountaine
Howey Mandel                    voice of Gizmo
Keye Luke                              Mr. Wing

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