A new display idea for old stockings

The custom of hanging stockings and filling them with goodies has been a common practice for generations. Christmas stockings are mentioned in The Night Before Christmas written in 1823, nearly two-hundred years ago. When I was growing up (almost that long ago) we used an old sock from the sock drawer. (One of the rare times, big feet were an advantage.)

 Today, Christmas stockings are more sophisticated than just a humble sock and come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials, ranging from the plain to the excessively fancy. As with all things Christmas I love stockings, and have unwittingly managed to collect enough to supply half the state of Connecticut. More than I can ever possibly use, hang, or display.

 If like me, you find yourself with an excessive number of stockings then consider this simple display idea. Fill the stocking with stockings throws cropped 2fiberfill, hand-stitch the top of the stocking closed, and toss onto a sofa, chair, or bed to use as a novel throw pillow for Christmas.


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