Family fun: A Christmas Story

Is there anyone who has not seen A Christmas Story? Another poorly-reviewed, slow- starter at the box office that gained momentum and critical acclaim after becoming a holiday staple on
TV. It may be the singlepeppermint stars most popular Christmas film today. Based partly on the Jean Shepherd novel “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash”, Shepherd narrates the 1983 film as the adult Ralphie. Christmas films tend to be syrupy sweet and this one is a nice change of flavor. Oh, fudge!

Color, rated PG, 94 minutes.

Peter Billingsley                      Ralphie (aka executive producer of Ironman)
Darren McGavin                     The Old Man Parker (aka Kolchak)
Melinda Dillon                        Mother Parker (Jillian in Close Encounters)
Ian Petrella                              Randy


If you’re already a fan check out this site found via Yuletidenow  


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