It’s a Wonderful Life!

The day after Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Even more importantly, the unofficial start of the Christmas season. I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year. My favorite book is a Christmas story; my favorite music is associated with Christmas. I’m not much into tradition…except at Christmas. I love the lights, the colors, the tree, the music, the feel of Christmas…since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I love Christmas!

 It only makes sense then, that since I love Christmas and I love movies, I should also love Christmas movies. I have a gazillion of them. They are part of the Christmas tradition.  Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be posting about Christmas movies as part of the cheap forms of entertainment category. Most of the films are probably familiar; many of them have become classics. I’ve also included in some instances, bits of movie trivia. Hopefully the posts will serve as a reminder or introduce unfamiliar films or provide a “I didn’t know that” moment. And instead of putting them all into one lengthy post as I did at Halloween I intend to sprinkle them over the next few weeks, like glitter over an ornament, or powdered sugar over a cookie. Get the cocoa ready.  

Please feel free to comment, critique, or share your own Christmas favorites in the comment section.

 Christmas movies: the Classics

                       It’s A Wonderful Life           

its a wonderful life 2

Made in 1946, It’s A Wonderful Life was the favorite film of its director, Frank Capra, and its star, Jimmy Stewart. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards including best picture, best director, and best actor, it won an Oscar for technical achievement for the development of a new type of snow (instead of the painted cornflakes that had been previously used.) Opening to mixed reviews and poor box-office it became a Christmas staple on television in the late 1970’s and is now one of the most acclaimed and well-beloved of American films.

Favorite scene: when Clarence reveals he is an angel…second class.

Original B & W, colorized editions available. Rating: approved/130 minutes.

Jimmy Stewart              George Bailey
Donna Reed                    Mary Hatch
Lionel Barrymore         Mr. Potter (Drew’s great-uncle)
Thomas Mitchell           Uncle Billy (aka Gerald O’Hara in Gone with
                                             the Wind)
Henry Travers               Clarence
Beulah Bondi                  Mrs. Bailey
Frank Faylen                   Ernie
Ward Bond                      Bert (aka Major Seth Adams in Wagon Train)
Gloria Grahame             Violet (aka Ado Annie in Oklahoma)



2 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life!

  1. What a classic! Love this movie I have the DVD in black and white and the color version the black and white is the best.. It’s a timeless wonderful film!


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