keeping perspective: tip # 5

5) Like what you like!

We are constantly bombarded by Madison Avenue; wear this to be chic; own that to be stylish; buy these to be trendy. It is not a moral, civil, or criminal offence to be outdated or out of style. Besides, if you wait long enough, the chic-cycle will come around again and you’ll be effortlessly back in style, avocado-colored appliances and all. On the other hand, kindness is never out of style; generosity is never out of fashion…

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”                                                                                                              Billy Baldwin


2 responses to “keeping perspective: tip # 5

  1. Thanks for the comment; I really enjoy it when I find a great quote I can share. There’s lots of funny and wise folk out there and I have a gazillion quotes waiting for their place on the site. Cat



    Love all of the quotes!


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