Keeping Perspective

I had always planned that my first blog about design would be about keeping perspective. What I didn’t anticipate was that the writing and posting would happen in the days approaching Thanksgiving. It is somehow fitting that it should be so.

 The reason this post is occurring at Thanksgiving and not last summer or last spring is because everything has taken 14 times longer than anticipated, from completing training, to the practical exams, to creating an on-line site (in process), to finally determining how a working class lass could possibly fit into a high-end, high-ticket industry.

 The hardest lessons were not about color theory, or room elevations, or distinguishing Louis XV décor from Louis XVI. The biggest challenge was keeping perspective in the face of values and attitudes that seemed alien, outlandish, and even ludicrous.Walden Pond meets Las Vegas.

 At last I came to realize decor isn’t just about creating “beautiful” rooms, or choosing colors or furniture or art. It is about creating home, a much bigger arena. It is also about creativity, having fun, and not taking decorating too seriously.

It is also about keeping perspective, maintaining balance, staying centered and staying grounded.

In the next 10 days leading up to Thanksgiving I offer 10 insights that helped me to regain my balance.

 1) Relax!

In a hundred years, no one will remember or care what color went on the living room walls.

In a hundred years your house probably won’t be here and the odds are, neither will you.

“Interior design isn’t brain surgery. Relax and enjoy the ride. No one is going to die on the table.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  Denise McGaha


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